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We brought many saplings and shrubs from Swamy Nursery and Florist. Their expert knowledge, quick responsiveness to plant related queries and healthy plants sold does make them an exceptional team. Every plant we have purchased from Swamy Nursery is healthy and thriving. In less than 4 years, they have helped us to transform our yard into a lush with rich greenness. Our sincere thanks to everyone at Swamy Nursery.

– Mr. Mohammed

We had purchased Maple tree saplings about two weeks ago. The leaves are coming out and the tree is growing amazingly. The two persons, who planted the saplings with appropriate arrangement to grow vastly is really an appreciable work. We will definitely visit your place to purchase many more varieties of plants. And also, we surely refer to others even.

– Mr. Rajesh

Thank you very much preparing the right planting areas with much space arranged for further growth. Every person has really done a great job with caring hands. Flowers have started budding and we are much curious to know its full growth. There are many varieties grown at our garden section. They have provided the best information to preserve these plants even.

– Mrs. Neeraja Patel

The website developed is informative enough. We initially checked the information and purchased the saplings from you. Descriptions of different plant varieties on a website were much helpful. With information and relevant images of plants, we got a clear idea and also thankful for the service provided at your organization. Keen to refer to my friends.

– Mr. Pramod Raj

We have stopped by your nursery to get the glimpse of various plants and are actually amazed by it. We have purchased many plants from you and it has become our favorite possession. Indoor plants, which are purchased looks elegant even. Our visit became worthwhile with regard to time and money.

– Mr. Krishnamurthy Bangalore

Your team, who had developed landscape with little space for growing few saplings does looks beautiful. We are much thankful to the team for arranging the space so beautifully. Our expectations in garden space are perfect met. We are curious to express to many people.

– Mr. Venugopal

Wonderful job by Swami Nursery members. They have perfect knowledge with immense experience, hence they implemented with best skills. Discussion with them about various plant arrangements and its preservation has been much helpful. We have been able to see much colors at the garden with beautiful flower varieties.

– Mrs. Vijaya Laxmi Rao

Plants and saplings are reasonably priced. We always feel great to visit your location to purchase more variety of plants in future. Plants, which purchased from you earlier, are growing with rich greenness. Every person worked hard and improved our garden area. Thanks everyone in the team.

– Mr. Barath Batia

We have been regular visitors to your nursery of finest plants. We are extremely thankful for bringing rarest variety of plants, which we were looking for. Already, we have purchased 10 varieties of plants from you. In a month, they have grown beautifully with thick and broad leafs. Team explained well on different varieties of plants at the time of purchase. We are really convinced and thankful to them.

– Mrs. Shakunthala Halemane