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Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Variegatus

Description :

Easily recognized by its rubbery, slightly zig-zagging stems, variegated devil’s backbone has green and white leaves and reddish flowers in summertime. Its parent is a tender, succulent, perennial shrub that has an irritating milky sap, and is native to tropical America from Florida southward into northern South America.

This selection, ‘Variegatus,’ has medium-green, slightly glossy leaves that are perfect ovals edged in white. They flank the zigzag stems to resemble a crooked backbone with ribs. Although flowering in flushes year round in warm tropical regions, it blooms most heavily in summer. At the tip of the stems, small, starry, red flowers protrude from a cluster of reddish bracts (modified leaves). The flowers may be visited by an occasional insect. When flowering or chilly winter temperatures occur, the leaves may blush pink. An extended drought or winter cold spell may cause the leaves to completely drop off.